Benefits of AMP

Collect large quantities of new opt-in names

It can be difficult to build your own opt-in lists quickly. Once the marketing decision is made internally to do so, AMP™ is by far the most effective tools we’ve seen in the marketplace to collect large quantities of names quickly. Here are a... read more


Impact direct response rates

Direct response must produce an R.O.I.. It is held to a much higher standard than any traditional media such as TV, radio or newspaper adverstising, yet it has thrived over the years. Yet many marketers have recorded a leveling off or even... read more


Find Brand Influencers

We have had campaigns reach 22 generations of sharing (Staples French). Our technology pllatform is built so we can trace that 22nd generation share right back to the person who shared first. This allows us to provide a list of every person... read more


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